FutureFi's Grand Event: Hard Fork and Halving - Boosting Benefits for FUFI Coin Holders

The world of cryptocurrency is constantly evolving, and FutureFi is about to make a groundbreaking move that will reshape the landscape. On May 24, 2023, at 12:00 AM, FutureFi will embark on a grand event that includes both a hard fork and a halving. This momentous occasion brings exciting changes for Fufi coin holders, with the burning of circulating supply during the hard fork, a 50% reduction in block rewards during the halving, and a decreased minimum reward withdrawal limit. Let’s delve into the details of these events and discover the benefits awaiting the FutureFi community.

Hard Fork: Burning Circulating Supply for Increased Weightage

During the hard fork, an unprecedented event will occur as all the circulating supply of Fufi coins will be burned on the users’ addresses. This process ensures that the existing supply is reduced, creating scarcity and enhancing the value proposition for Fufi coin holders. By burning the coins, FutureFi demonstrates its commitment to creating a more streamlined and efficient ecosystem.

One significant advantage for Fufi coin holders is the increase in weightage. With the reduced supply, each remaining Fufi coin will have a higher weight in the overall network. This weightage increase translates to greater influence and potential rewards for those who hold Fufi coins.

Halving: A New Chapter in FutureFi’s Crypto Journey

Having completed a successful first year, FutureFi is ready to embark on a new phase in its crypto journey. The halving event, scheduled to take place simultaneously with the hard fork on May 24, 2023, marks a major milestone for FutureFi and Fufi coin holders.

Starting from the halving event, the block rewards will be reduced by 50%. Previously set at 70%, the new block rewards will be adjusted to 35%. This reduction ensures a controlled emission rate and encourages long-term investment in Fufi coins. By implementing this measure, FutureFi aims to promote stability and sustainability within its ecosystem.

Decreased Minimum Reward Withdrawal Limit

In addition to the exciting hard fork and halving events, FutureFi has also made improvements to the reward withdrawal process. The minimum reward withdrawal limit has been decreased from 500 to 100 Fufi coins. This adjustment allows Fufi coin holders to access their rewards more frequently, benefiting both small and large-scale investors.

With the decreased minimum withdrawal limit, Fufi coin holders can enjoy greater flexibility and control over their rewards. It provides an opportunity for more participants to actively engage with the FutureFi ecosystem and benefit from their investments.

FutureFi’s New Journey in the Crypto Space

With the hard fork, halving, and the decreased minimum reward withdrawal limit, FutureFi is setting the stage for a new era in the crypto space. The burning of circulating supply, the reduction in block rewards, and the improved withdrawal process create a healthier and more prosperous ecosystem for Fufi coin holders. This event signifies FutureFi’s commitment to innovation, community-driven development, and fostering an inclusive environment.

As the transaction and trading of Fufi coins will be paused till May 25, 2023, at 12:00 AM, all eyes are on the future prospects of FutureFi. Coin holders can anticipate a period of increased value and potential rewards as the reduced supply, controlled emission rate, and improved reward withdrawal process pave the way for growth and participation.

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