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CryptoxIN is one of the best social media platforms and an efficient way to make money with zero investment. You can enter this blockchain-based social media app without any fee and earn passive income regardless of your qualification. Connect with the crypto & stocks community and stay updated with the market. 

This advanced and modern generation social media app. Cryptoxin is for every age group whether you are a student, a stay-at-home spouse, a homemaker, or a retired person, you can have an independent income source without any investment.  

Key takeaways 

  • A blockchain-based social media platform and a reliable source of passive income.
  • Users can earn without much effort and become financially independent.
  • Anyone can register on CryptoxIN regardless of their qualification and occupation.
  • A perfect platform to connect with the crypto community and stay updated. 
  • Fully decentralized and not prone to hacks, ownership, and information leak. 
  • Give the public power over their data and content.

What is CryptoxIN?

CryptoxIN is an exclusive social media platform that is powered by blockchain technology. It is different from current and traditional social media applications as it allows users to earn via rewards that are given in the following forms:

  • Posting Reward- on each post you will earn 700 CIN coins.
  • Clap Reward- you have to like others’ posts and you will be eligible for this reward and you can earn 150 CIN coins.
  • Commenting Reward- on each comment you will earn 150 CIN coins.
  • Daily Check-IN Reward- You can earn 1000 CIN simply by opening the application and completing necessary activities every day.
  • Direct Reward- when someone creates an account with your referral code, you and they both will get 1000 CIN each known as a direct reward.
  • Quiz Reward- you can earn CIN coins while answering questions in the application.
  • Affiliate Reward- 10% of the total sum of earnings from posts, likes, and comments will be divided into levels that will go up to 50 levels.
  • Holding Reward- 10% of the total earning amount from the total number of users registered on the application will go to LP.

You can earn effortlessly on this platform by just scrolling your news feeds and doing the activities required for rewards, it’s all about “fun and earn”!!

Earning with zero investment on CryptoxIN

You don’t have to invest anything to start earning via CryptoxIN, you can simply just download and enter via referral code and earn 1100 CIN smoothly, but remember downloading this application right now is very beneficial as currently, the airdrop offer is live, which gives the 1100 CIN on entry where 1000 CIN is a direct referral reward and 100 CIN is registration bonus,  so don’t wait for long, download CryptoxIN and start earning.

Join CryptoxIN’s official telegram channel and get your queries and issues solved without hassle.

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