Affiliate Income

R33, FutureFi’s newly launched concept is one of the best ways to earn affiliate income in the crypto market. You can enter R33’s ecosystem with a minimum 100 FUSD amount and generate passive income for a lifetime. This is the world’s first decentralized auto pool which means your funds will divide and collect into different auto pools that are locked with smart contracts.

Earning potential in affiliate income from crypto is getting high, and the competition increases with each passing day as new projects are being launched in the market. The following are some of the best programs in the crypto market, you can choose one among the following according to your needs.

Generating affiliate income from R33

With FUFIEdge (our proprietary wallet) you enter FutureFi’s ecosystem and after you become a SID member you are eligible to use R33 upon entry you get an auto-generated referral code, and when someone uses your referral code you get 33% one-time direct income of their entry amount plus you get 1% affiliate income of their entry amount as well and you can earn this 1% referral action upto 33 levels. 

Payment Method: USDT and FUSD (Stablecoin of FutureFi)

Earn with CoinBase

Using a decentralized mechanism they set out with a vision of equality in 2012. In CoinBase when you join their affiliate program you receive a percentage of the trading fees of everyone you referred. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of people you can refer, which means the affiliate commissions you can make are virtually limitless.

Payment Method: Fiat currency

Coinrule affiliate program

In Coinrule you make an earning from a referral’s actions, which means you can earn from all of their trades and not just from their sign-up. You can earn limitlessly this way, and moreover, you earn 30% on each transaction in affiliate income.  

Payment Method: Cash and cryptocurrencies

So, choose wisely and create an extra source of income like a side job. To get started all you’ll need is a website, an email address, and some patience. We recommend the R33 concept which has maximum benefits and so many rewards in it.