What is WCIN in FutureFi?

FutureFi is a blockchain platform that enables users to convert assets from any blockchain onto its highly interoperable blockchain. This is done through the use of wrapped tokens, specifically Wrapped CIN (WCIN), which allows for the seamless conversion of CIN coins from other blockchains onto the FutureFi blockchain.

To take advantage of FutureFi’s platform, users first need to exchange their assets into FUSD, FutureFi’s stablecoin. From there, they can exchange FUSD into FUFI coins and then convert it into wrapped CIN, enabling them to exchange it for CIN.

How to Earn CIN Coins?

CIN coins can be earned by using CryptoxIN, a social media platform that operates on the blockchain. Users can earn CIN coins by completing daily activities such as posting, clapping, and following other users, and many more rewards. The rewards for these activities can vary but currently, users can earn 700 CIN coins for posting, 150 CIN coins for clapping, and 150 CIN coins for following other users.

It’s important to note that every three months, a halving will take place which will decrease the reward earnings by half.

How to sell CIN coins?

CIN coins come in the form of wrapped CIN tokens on the FutureFi blockchain. To sell CIN coins, users need to first exchange them for FUSD and then exchange FUSD into FUFI coins. From there, users can then exchange their FUFI coins for USDT or INR on a cryptocurrency exchange.

How to buy FUSD?

Users can buy FUSD with FUFI coins via FutureFI’s decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, TradeOX. To buy FUSD, users need to first go to the proprietary wallet FUFIEdge, select the wallet they want to connect and go to Dapps. From there, they can connect to TradeOX’s website (tradeox.in) and connect their TradeOX and FUFIEdge wallet. Once connected, users can then swap their FUFI coins into FUSD.

How to earn FUSD?

Users can earn FUSD by entering FutureFi’s R33 project, which enables users to earn a lifetime income. To enter the R33 ecosystem, users need to swap 80% of their FUFI coins and 20% of their USDT for FUSD.

The FUSD amount generated will be ranked on a first-come, first-served basis, with the total amount being divided into four parts. These include 33% direct income, 33% level income, 33% pool reward, and 1% burn.

It’s important to note that to earn a stable reward, users need to be SID members, FUSD holder, and FUFI holder.

How to Sell FUFI Coins?

FUFI coins can be sold on TradeKIA FutureFi’s native cryptocurrency exchange or Indoex.

How to buy FUFI coins?

FUFI coins can be purchased on TradeKIA or Indoex. Download Now!


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