FutureFi announces Hard Fork

 A hard fork in FutureFi is happening soon, the date is set for May 24, 2023. It is one of the most important events in the FutureFi ecosystem and a big step in the ever-evolving crypto market. We believe this will be the most important milestone for the FUFI coin yet and will be a major catalyst for further growth.

This upcoming event could have major implications for the economic era of FutureFi. 

What is a hard fork?

A hard fork happens when a new version of the blockchain is created that does not accept the rules of the old version of the blockchain. It refers to a rule change that comes with wide-ranging implications on the entire protocol of the blockchain network. It can be started by either the community or the blockchain developers.

It happens when a majority of the users of a blockchain cannot reach an agreement on an update. Various cryptocurrency networks like Ethereum have experienced a hard fork and now it’s time for FutureFi to follow the path and bring software updates for the benefit of its community. They can split up into accidental and intentional forks. 

A hard fork in the FutureFi project

During a hard fork, all the coins held by the users will burn from their original (from where they have originated) address, and in return, their weightage will increase which will create a huge impact on their earnings and benefit them greatly. 

Why we are bringing a hard fork?

  • The hard fork is happening to make the initial supply zero and increase potential growth. 
  • To maintain proper liquidity and form of decentralization
  • Scale the future of the economic era in FutureFi.

Its benefits

  • When the initial supply becomes zero the demand will increase which will lead to a higher price of the FUFI coin.
  • It will also benefit the users who don’t understand the importance of weightage and increase their earnings as well.