ChatGPT and AI should pay for the content: News Corp Australia CEO

In April 2 editorial, News Corp Australia CEO said the creators of Artificial Intelligence (AI) controlled applications should compensate for the content being used to improve their products. 

Chatbots are software that ingests news, data, and other information to produce responses to queries that mimic written or spoken human speech, the most notable of which is the ChatGPT-4 chatbot by AI firm OpenAI.

Michel Millers said we are witnessing a dramatic shift in the digital world and creators of original journalism and content need to avoid past mistakes, that “decimated their industries” which he claimed to be allowed tech companies to profit from the original content from their information and stories without giving them any profit in return. 

Miller believes the rapid rise in generative AI is another strategy by digital companies to generate high revenue and profit by hogging credit for creative content and information without reimbursing the original creator.

According to him, digital companies  “quickly established a business” worth $30 billion by “using the others’ original content and style of writing. And rules should be established for AI so that original creators can get reimbursement for their hard work. 

Miller says, AI also faces certain risks in the coming future if it can’t convenience users that their content is trustworthy and to avoid this kind of situation it should fairly profit the original creator who is behind their high success rate.

Recently 2,600 tech leaders and researchers signed an open letter urging a temporary pause on further artificial intelligence (AI) development, fearing “profound risks to society and humanity.”