Crypto hackers are not resting even during the holiday season, and around $8 million in an ongoing BitKeep wallet exploit. On 26 December some users of the multichain crypto wallet BitKeep reported that funds from their wallets have gone missing, they were being drained while not being in use. In their official telegram, it has been confirmed that some APK package downloads have been hijacked by hackers and have been installed with code that was implanted by them.

The circulated message said if users’ funds are stolen, the application they downloaded or updated may be an unknown/unofficial version.

As the effect of the hack remains BitKeep team urges its users to transfer their funds to a wallet that came from an official source like Google play or Apple app store. Moreover, the community has been requested to create new wallet for funds storage as their previous addresses may already been hijacked. 

<strong>Hackers drain $8M in assets from Bitkeep wallets in the latest DeFi exploit</strong>

It has been suspected that one hacker may have already transferred more than $5 million in digital assets. The amount exploited has not been updated yet and  the attackers are still currently transferring funds to multiple wallet addresses