Future Finance

FutureFi is celebrating its 1st anniversary of enhancing blockchain via its high-technology products. On May 24th, 2023, this ecosystem was created to provide decentralized services to the users, this platform incorporates AI and other edge-cutting technology to optimize a wide range of financial and non-financial use cases. 

Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to build products powered by blockchain technology and provide users with a more secure and transparent financial ecosystem. 

Since its launch, FutureFi is rapidly growing, and every day more users are joining our community. So let’s take a closer look at our accomplishments during this period and what we have planned for the future.

FutueFi has its own blockchain, a platform that leverages smart contract technology to provide decentralized services, and has a large user base all over the world.

Products by FutureFi

Our native coin FUFI (a cryptocurrency) was listed on a cryptocurrency exchange. And first product that we released for the users was FUFIEdge.

  • FUFIEdge is a proprietary wallet for FUFI holders and FEP20 network based tokens. It is one of the safest crypto wallets that is equipped with advanced features and can used for online transactions.
  • TradeKIA, a derivative exchange platform came after that and benefitted users highly with its features. Trading became easy with TradeKIA and almost zero fees on loss trade started to benefit users who suffered losses. 
  • CryptoxIN is the next milestone in our 1-year journey, it is a decentralized social media platform that enables users to earn free CIN coins effortlessly. Although all products launched by us are unique and outstanding, but CryptoxIN is the first decentralized social media platform that is created with the aim to give users control over their content and bring transparency, while keeping users detail completely safe and secure. 
  • TradeOX is a decentralized crypto exchange that is created with the aim to empower the FUFI network. It enables users to do P2P trading and can handle multiple interactions. 
  • TradeBRO is changing market-making for crypto coins/ tokens and exchange. It provides high liquidity to improve trading performance.

During this time we also worked on some projects that enable users to earn passive income for a lifetime.

Project by FutureFi

Becoming SID member in FutureFi’s ecosystem is crucial and very profitable. 

To become SID (Sole Interest Deployer) member user has to burn FUFI coins and after becoming SID you can earn a 70% block reward for a lifetime, earn via Affiliate program, access to R33, and SID member will also get voting rights for miners after 50% supply of FUFI will be burned. 

You can learn about each product in detail on our website.
visit: https://fufi.info/ 


Our team will continue to work with the same dedication and hard work to provide you with the best of the best. Become a part of our ecosystem for user-friendly trading exchange and earn passive income for a lifetime with SID, R33, CryptoxIN,  and many more to come.